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Very cool game! Could use some improvement but for an early game it's really fun. I hope you are going to continue to work on it.

I've been wanting to play it for awhile but haven't found a group to play it with. I ended up playing it with my daughter for a video and had fun but I think you definitely need 4 or more people for a good game.

I think until there is a way to match with people you could really use a temporary fix to keep interest in the game. What about a free message board or chat somewhere that would allow people to find open games? Down below, iwanPlays refers to a discord chat room made for this game, an official one mentioned in the description would work great.


anyone hosting?

i played it with 3 other friends and it was awesome, the idea is very nice, we had fun for a few hours, some additions are required to add the fun into the game because it gets boring after a while.

we faced a few bugs too, where the game fail to spawn npcs and only spawn players(only happens after joining the 2nd+ game)

sometimes it also kicks everyone from the lobby to the main menu)

After playing 3 times, it doesn't work

Join my game ip: and code is 123

doesn't work :(


my friend can't connect me, I port forwarded, I don't know what to do now. (looks like a really fun game so..)

we tried change the role of host, still doesn't work

The only way I got it working was through Hamachi

yes I got it working with evolve (little bit the same as hamachi but more for gamers), make a party and just use the IP from it and it should work. really nice game, just with everything.


Here's a guide for people who can't quite figure out how to play!

Can anyone help me? I can't seem to host. Tried port forwarding and everything.

Got it to work! Ask me if anyone has questions.

Hey man,

Can't get it to host either, please help. How did you get it to work?

Have u got the port forwarding done?


Yeah, but now I think I got myself a virus, my dude.


i downloaded it how do i play

Only way I got it to work was through Hamachi


SKIP TO 7:45

We played another match. Up to 9 players! A lot of issues but a lot of fun! Again feel free to find players to play with on our discord chat (this game should get its own!)


This is a damn fine game! If anybody wants to find other players to play with, feel free to do so on our discord chat (this game should get its own!)

Cool game idea- I just wish my internet hadn't been acting up when I chose to play this. XD

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I will be hosting games on this occasionaly. The IP will always be the same, and if you can't connect, that is your problem, not mine or the creators. To connect, type the IP into the first box for the "Join" area. The IP is:

Note: Upvote so that everybody can see the server IP and play together.

Sub-note: I will add a line here when I am hosting that says "hosting", and I will also add the IP if it is different for some reason.


Seems like the lobby is bugged with 5 or more players. To make it work:

* have the leader set the max players before anyone else connects

* No one ready up until all have joined the lobby

* no one leave the lobby, if anyone leaves, recreate the lobby



Guys you have to port forward to play this. If you don't know how to port forward, look it up. Please upvote to get people to see it better.


the multiplayer does not work

Look at my comment

do you have to be on the same network?

No, look at my comment.

i couldnt find any real people


You need to play with real people, ya know, like... Friends? If you have any.


Fun game, would be more fun with more maps and dressed up characters, like a party one and a restaurant one or something. The server system is just like minecraft so no complaints there. Nice work.


Such a great game, lot of potential, you made my day. For those with problem over LAN connection, try to use the port redirection of your box, and add an exception for port 7777.

Can you elaborate? :)

Well witch point would you want me to elaborate ^^ ? Adding an exception isn't exactly the same procédure depending wich internet provider you have...


Played for a few hours with friends, buggy, but so worth it :D . Love the game!

how do you play over LAN?



Hit Win + R, and type cmd. Type ifconfig and hit enter. Then find your adapter (usually with ethernet or wifi in the name). Under ip adress, it should be something like "". Copy that, give that to your LAN friend and add ":7777" to the end. Voila!

Can you make a 32 bit version?


x86 means 32-bit architechure

it wont let me downloa


i cant download it on chrome

Get the program

its not working it just says,"C:/Users/Mypc/AppData/Local/Temp/" (error = 126).


frankly i can't link together online or local at all. lan and wan does not weork at all. id say either fix it or don't lie saying it works online

is it cross platforming?

I say it should suto connect you to a game if you have no friends.


Im going to make a game server and people join. : 7777

does anyone know if x86 version is working proprely ??

it crashes when i'm hosting evry few rounds


with someone play comment here


how do we move

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Any possibility of having a level editor or a method of adding levels to the game? I would love to be able to make some stuff and then share!

EDIT: If anyone wants a more relevant icon, I took a couple minutes and made a crappy one. Just something to get rid of the default unity icon. Get the .ico here

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