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The goal of the game is simple; be the last player alive.
But.... You're surrounded.. Harmless NPCs mostly, but there's some players blending in with them.
How will you find them?
How will they find you?

This is a game for 2 or more players, with up to 64 NPCs.You can play over LAN or WAN. There's no Server Browser (yet), so you'll have to connect directly via IP.

NETWORK PROBLEMS: If you're having troubles connecting to other players, there are 2 usual causes: The Firewall, and the Router. All players should make sure their firewall isn't blocking the game in any way, or it likely won't connect.

The latest update added NAT punchthrough, which should prevent the router from causing problems. If problems remain, the host should forward the port being used on their router (default 7777). How to do either of these depends on your OS/router, so you'll need to search online for the best way. If it still doesn't work, let me know.

HOW TO UPDATE: When getting a message about an update being available, simply re-download the game from this page - it will be the latest version. Alternatively, you can keep the game automatically updated with the Itch App (https://itch.io/app).

Update 0.1.7abc: A: New level - Host can pick the level in the GAME CONFIG menu in the Lobby. Lots of optimizations and bug fixes (including walking bug?). B: Added NAT Punchthrough (Experimental, but seems stable) - it should now be easier to connect to other players, hopefully without the need for portforwarding. Version check bypass has been added, but should only be used if you know you have the latest version, or everyone else has the same version. C: Different versions might not work properly with eachother. UI now scales to screen size - JOIN button no longer appears off-screen on 5:4 monitors.

Update 0.1.6ab: Engine upgrade, Quality options in Pause Menu, more stable network connection, fixed bug where only one person readying-up would start the game, instead of all. Disabled GPU Skinning (should make things better for anyone without a GPU). Bug fixes.

Update 0.1.5abc: Updated engine version. Networking should be better, input shouldn't be dropped, input no longer based on camera, along with other optimizations.

Update 0.1.4ab: Added basic Options menu (sensitivity, invert Y-Look), reduced download + overall filesize. Solved walk bug (should work on all devices and keyboards now) and rotation error (output_log shouldn't get spammed with Quaternion errors)

Note: This is super-alpha. The core of the game exists, but it's still pretty basic. I've tried to make it as latency-friendly as possible, but emulating high-latency is pretty useless compared to actual high-latency.

So, if you experience any issues due to networking, or have some ideas/feedback, please let me know either by email (contact@pheonise.com), or on twitter (@Pheonise).

More information

Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, Linux
Tags3D, Multiplayer, unity3d
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer, Server-based networked multiplayer, Ad-hoc networked multiplayer


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Windows (x86) 17 MB
Windows (x64) 17 MB
Mac OSX (x86) 20 MB
Mac OSX (x64) 20 MB
Linux (x86) 19 MB
Linux (x64) 19 MB


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I say it should suto connect you to a game if you have no friends.


Im going to make a game server and people join. : 7777

does anyone know if x86 version is working proprely ??

it crashes when i'm hosting evry few rounds


with someone play comment here


how do we move

(Edited 2 times)

Any possibility of having a level editor or a method of adding levels to the game? I would love to be able to make some stuff and then share!

EDIT: If anyone wants a more relevant icon, I took a couple minutes and made a crappy one. Just something to get rid of the default unity icon. Get the .ico here

What i should do to run the multiplayer

I've had issues with having to forward port 7777 so first login to your router and forward that port (unless you're joining a game, in which case ignore this part)

Then click "Play and Host" (or was it "Host and Play"?) and share the IP with your friends who want to play.

If you're joining one of your friends games, ask them for their IP (Found by clicking and holding the button next to "Host: " on their end) and enter the IP under the button you would use to host a game on the main screen. Don't mess with the port unless they're hosting on a port that isn't 7777. After that, just click join and hope for the best.

why it still on top? did you fix it? :D

The game works well and my friends connect with IP and port number, even if it's different from 7777.

We have fun playing this game, but a few questions remain :

Who is the winner ? The last human character alive is not always shown as the winner, why ?

What's the use of those vertical yellow beams clinging when you pass through them ?

When a player choses to go berserk ahd kills everyone around, he may win. Its a drag.

I want this game for android ver. Plz

On play store

That is not going to happen anytime soon :)

I cannot connect to any of my friends nor can they connect to me. What are some recommened procedures i should take to fix/solve this?


You may need to set up port forwarding on the host's router.


Hello, I played the game with two friends. I'm on Mac and my friend on windows 32 and 64 bit. we managed to connect well. Although, from time to time there are some bugs. no NPC for example, and impossible to quit properly the game. Anyway, good game ;-) I look forward to see you fix the bugs. thx


Hey i would like to know if i can play the game with my friends if we both have the same ip address. I've tried to make a server and connect but we cant manage to connect.

Doesn't seem to let me connect to the servers. It just says "connecting" for a while. I'm running the game on Mac OSx.

Is there a singleplayer version?

I'm trying to play this game with 2 people. We can both host the game without a problem, but whenever either of us try to join a game, the window saying "connecting" appears and after a while, it goes back to the main screen. Both computers are Windows 64bit and there doesn't seem to be any issues with the firewall. I've encountered this problem with more than one person. What might be the problem, and are there any fixes available? Thanks.

I can not download the game for Windows 32-bit. Fast upload it to the server. please

Reuploaded - please be sure to extract both the .exe and the LastManStanding_Data folder, not just the .exe

Sorry for any troubles!


I can't download x86 I think the file is crashed :( re-upload file quickly Plz

Reuploaded - please be sure to extract both the .exe and the LastManStanding_Data folder, not just the .exe

Sorry for any troubles!

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