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The goal of the game is simple; be the last player alive.
But.... You're surrounded.. Harmless NPCs mostly, but there's some players blending in with them.
How will you find them?
How will they find you?

This is a game for 2 or more players, with up to 64 NPCs.You can play over LAN or WAN. There's no Server Browser (yet), so you'll have to connect directly via IP.

NETWORK PROBLEMS: If you're having troubles connecting to other players, there are 2 usual causes: The Firewall, and the Router. All players should make sure their firewall isn't blocking the game in any way, or it likely won't connect.

The latest update added NAT punchthrough, which should prevent the router from causing problems. If problems remain, the host should forward the port being used on their router (default 7777). How to do either of these depends on your OS/router, so you'll need to search online for the best way. If it still doesn't work, let me know.

HOW TO UPDATE: When getting a message about an update being available, simply re-download the game from this page - it will be the latest version. Alternatively, you can keep the game automatically updated with the Itch App (https://itch.io/app).

Update 0.1.8a: Engine updated (includes various network fixes).

Update 0.1.7abc: A: New level - Host can pick the level in the GAME CONFIG menu in the Lobby. Lots of optimizations and bug fixes (including walking bug?). B: Added NAT Punchthrough (Experimental, but seems stable) - it should now be easier to connect to other players, hopefully without the need for portforwarding. Version check bypass has been added, but should only be used if you know you have the latest version, or everyone else has the same version. C: Different versions might not work properly with eachother. UI now scales to screen size - JOIN button no longer appears off-screen on 5:4 monitors.

Update 0.1.6ab: Engine upgrade, Quality options in Pause Menu, more stable network connection, fixed bug where only one person readying-up would start the game, instead of all. Disabled GPU Skinning (should make things better for anyone without a GPU). Bug fixes.

Update 0.1.5abc: Updated engine version. Networking should be better, input shouldn't be dropped, input no longer based on camera, along with other optimizations.

Update 0.1.4ab: Added basic Options menu (sensitivity, invert Y-Look), reduced download + overall filesize. Solved walk bug (should work on all devices and keyboards now) and rotation error (output_log shouldn't get spammed with Quaternion errors)

Note: This is super-alpha. The core of the game exists, but it's still pretty basic. I've tried to make it as latency-friendly as possible, but emulating high-latency is pretty useless compared to actual high-latency.

So, if you experience any issues due to networking, or have some ideas/feedback, please let me know either by email (contact@pheonise.com), or on twitter (@Pheonise).

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.4 out of 5 stars
(77 total ratings)
Tags3D, Multiplayer, unity3d
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer, Server-based networked multiplayer, Ad-hoc networked multiplayer
Player count1 - 8


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Windows (x86) 19 MB
Windows (x64) 20 MB
Mac OSX (x86) 22 MB
Mac OSX (x64) 22 MB
Linux (x86) 22 MB
Linux (x64) 22 MB


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it has a trojan lol




Bruh its not working on my PC, i know my PC is good but the file wont open


needs an update

i wanna play


anyone want to play :)





Played this forever ago with a group of friends and we had a lot of fun!

This is fun game, but there is a bug.

I can't scroll to ready on loby when there is more than 8 people.

Could you check this issue?

Cant open this game from Mac Pro :(

 Dunno what to do


1/10   menu disappears and the game crush eery time i open it


Before I knew about this game, I originally intended on making a game called "Last Man Standing" which would be about pushing other players off of a shrinking island. Then I came across this game, and scrapped my whole "Last Man Standing" game

Now that game is called “BOXER SHORTS”

i will try it


I am currently working on another game called "Shrinking Island" that has the same objective as "Last Man Standing". You have to be the last person alive, killing the other players, on a shrinking island. You can knock them down into the water around the island to drown them, or just knock them down with a melee weapon.

There are 4 players per lobby and 5 lobbies. I am using Photon Pun, a free online multiplayer server. And it's free for only 20 concurrent players (AKA players on your game all combined)


If you use the entire B-Movie script as a username it crashes the game.  Sad times.


Sad, sad times.


for anyone who wants to join, my server is at


bruh thats your local host lol

Very fun game to play with a good group of friends! 

Here is a video of some antics we got into while playing it!

Does not work

If you have no one to play with join my discord server and we can Play https://discord.gg/kh2JTjG4RZ

dude.... I have no firends to play with... plz add matchmaking PLZ

I can play Lmao

error 11?

really cool 10/10

It's a good game , but i cant play and join servers

please help me

Wow! How did you make the multiplayer? Did you use Mirror?

he could have used mirror or photon..

Hola amigos,¿como estan? espero que bien solo queria desirles que ay un servidor en discor para aquellas personas que deseen jugar con mas gente, Cave recalcar que este canal esta en (DESAROLLO) para si tienen una idea de como mejorarlo le digan a el (ADMINISTRADOR) para que el se aga cargo de ello, Aqui les dejo el ENLASE para que se unan si quieren a esta comunidad :> (   https://discord.gg/V96BKGxH   )  Espero que tengan bonito dia.

caido jefe :C

aqui esta bro :https://discord.gg/DMA4Xtur

primero aprende a escribir , segundo escríbelo en ingles

Could you add proper support for ipv6 connections and domains? Your Game seems fun but i can't play it with friends, cause i only got an ipv6 connection.

A little headless Server would be great.

Also, it would be great, if i could specify my server ip/domain, but that's optional.


A discord to be able to connect with others on the internet would be really nice!


If you can't play the game because of the MacOS (Mac OS) Catalina:

1. Run

- chmod +x LastManStanding64.app/Contents/MacOS/*

2. Give all the security permission to the game and it works!


Does anyone how to play this game with your friends? It stays on connecting? Help plz


can u help me? Mine stays on connecting fotever

The game plays as is expected, very simple but can, despite that, provide fun with friends. There is, however, large issues with the game bug-wise. Sometimes when another player joins they are immobile and cannot move. Sometimes you join and there are no bots despite specifying that there should be some bots. There's also the issue with the 'connecting' screen popping up not leaving until you alt-F4 the game.

Overall I would like to enjoy the game. It is very basic but also very enjoyable, however the many bugs really hamper the enjoyment of the game.


What happens if yours stays on connecting forever


kinda boring (in my opinion


best game ever


can u help me? Mine stays on connecting forever?

rough man.


Can't join a game. Stay on connecting forever :/




Love your game. could you add remappable controls and a max round settings because after some few round we get back on the menu. (im on linux btw)

The game doesn't work, it crashes when I click on host and play.


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