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The goal of the game is simple; be the last player alive.
But.... You're surrounded.. Harmless NPCs mostly, but there's some players blending in with them.
How will you find them?
How will they find you?

This is a game for 2 or more players, with up to 64 NPCs.You can play over LAN or WAN. There's no Server Browser (yet), so you'll have to connect directly via IP.

NETWORK PROBLEMS: If you're having troubles connecting to other players, there are 2 usual causes: The Firewall, and the Router. All players should make sure their firewall isn't blocking the game in any way, or it likely won't connect.

The latest update added NAT punchthrough, which should prevent the router from causing problems. If problems remain, the host should forward the port being used on their router (default 7777). How to do either of these depends on your OS/router, so you'll need to search online for the best way. If it still doesn't work, let me know.

HOW TO UPDATE: When getting a message about an update being available, simply re-download the game from this page - it will be the latest version. Alternatively, you can keep the game automatically updated with the Itch App (https://itch.io/app).

Update 0.1.8a: Engine updated (includes various network fixes).

Update 0.1.7abc: A: New level - Host can pick the level in the GAME CONFIG menu in the Lobby. Lots of optimizations and bug fixes (including walking bug?). B: Added NAT Punchthrough (Experimental, but seems stable) - it should now be easier to connect to other players, hopefully without the need for portforwarding. Version check bypass has been added, but should only be used if you know you have the latest version, or everyone else has the same version. C: Different versions might not work properly with eachother. UI now scales to screen size - JOIN button no longer appears off-screen on 5:4 monitors.

Update 0.1.6ab: Engine upgrade, Quality options in Pause Menu, more stable network connection, fixed bug where only one person readying-up would start the game, instead of all. Disabled GPU Skinning (should make things better for anyone without a GPU). Bug fixes.

Update 0.1.5abc: Updated engine version. Networking should be better, input shouldn't be dropped, input no longer based on camera, along with other optimizations.

Update 0.1.4ab: Added basic Options menu (sensitivity, invert Y-Look), reduced download + overall filesize. Solved walk bug (should work on all devices and keyboards now) and rotation error (output_log shouldn't get spammed with Quaternion errors)

Note: This is super-alpha. The core of the game exists, but it's still pretty basic. I've tried to make it as latency-friendly as possible, but emulating high-latency is pretty useless compared to actual high-latency.

So, if you experience any issues due to networking, or have some ideas/feedback, please let me know either by email (contact@pheonise.com), or on twitter (@Pheonise).


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Windows (x64) 20 MB
Mac OSX (x86) 22 MB
Mac OSX (x64) 22 MB
Linux (x86) 22 MB
Linux (x64) 22 MB


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cant run it on my mac. catalina 10.1503

any one still on

is there local co-p?

That would defeat the purpose


wait if they have to connect via ip does that mean that I have to forward my ports

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It sucks that there are no public servers you can join or anything like that... Would be a really good game if I had friends to play it with


yeah that would be nice


sorry kid you might have friends later


How do I find servers? Because my friends can't play this game :(.

how do you manually change your port from 7777?

This is the most amount of fun that I've had in a game in a long time!

Although I had some trouble with the setup, turns out that you have to connect while being on the same internet and enter your IPv4 address into the join game bar.

does not start on linux mint 19 please help


You have to go to the properties of the LastManStanding64.x86_64 file then click permissions, then click the check box for "Allow executing file as program" now double click the LastManStanding64.x86_64 and it should launch!

nice game, i need more levels, and also after the first set of 99 bots we didn't get any more bots to show up!

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ay bish yo dam game no work foo. fix dat shit fam

Is this still live?

I haven't played yet anyone want to play with me? just reply and we can talk on discord!

I'd be happy to play! My discord username is @REE#1547


i tried connecting with a friend and it didn't work. we have the same port number and server number and none of our firewalls are blocking it, but it still dosen't work. please help

You need to use your IPv4 address and be on the same Wi-Fi, that's how I got it to work

just for all of you that dont know, on the first map, the lights will slow you down, but if you go into all four you will win

do u need to be on the same wifi network to play together

The game description says that you CAN play on a LAN server, but you can also play on WAN servers if you have the IP and port. There is also no server browser it seems, so you WILL need the IP and port of the WAN server.


I love playing this game with my friends but there appears to be a glitch when playing over LAN. After 2 or more games, at one point one of my two other friends (does not apply to host) will not be able to move their person or their camera. Like they are stuck in spectator mode. This has occurred almost every time we have played but it still seems like their character is an entity in the game. If I kill their character the game ends saying I have won. But they cannot move themselves, only have a slightly farther view from their character than normal. But I do love this game, only if this major bug could be fixed, I am looking forward to the possible updates and new features!


Interesting I played you game. Like it. Still the character need clothes. Simple modeled clothes. >;)


i downloaded it and i pess play and it does nothing trash game dont download make it better i sorry for  the bad comment but its true


It's awesome how popular the game still is! good times:

that's an excellent concept and it should be fun! 



Can you add guns

why NPC cant attack me ? :(

my friends cant join me

I have a windows 

So this game looks really good and i would play it but i can't understand like if  the game can be played using Wan (i think i got that from the description of the game) but Then how do i connect?

It's really fun! But while playing on multi mode, there were no bot randomly... 

That's a common bug that can be fixed by restarting the app


It's a very fun game. You can use Hamachi to play with your friends (it allows you to play LAN over the net). The connection can be a bit buggy, but the game runs fine. It's a lot of fun and pretty intense :)

you can port forward instead of using hamachi, if you need help doing that go here: https://discord.gg/wEzfRxV

This should be GOTY

What the fuck                                                                      


Online dosn´t work :´(

go here so I can help: https://discord.gg/wEzfRxV

oh snap

go here if you are having problems with the game: https://discord.gg/wEzfRxV

All people in the comments, please only give out your public IPs to people you trust and give it out with EXTREME caution.


So my friends and I are trying to play. We can host a game but when other friends try to join using my IP, they get a loading window but they never actually enter the room. Help!

what is your operating system, windows, linux, or mac.


are you trying to use the IP the game tells you to use? (don't tell me the IP)

Yeah the one that you have to click on to show

Don't use that one.


you should type in the start menu, "cmd" without quotes, then you need select the first result, lastly you need to type in the box that comes up "ipconfig" without quotes. Your local IP should be to the right of "IPv4 Address." for example ""

So my wife and I finally got the game to connect thanks to mason1920's suggestion of using the internal IP instead of external, but every time one of us joins, the game tells the host they've won with the most kills being 0. Any ideas?

Tell me what OS you have. Windows, Linux, or Mac


We're both on mac, Sierra/High Sierra

use the terminal to open the application by typing this into the terminal:


Then after getting the error, close the app. then copy everything from your teminal, and paste it as a comment.

I tried that, I keep getting "No such file or directory". I verified that the app name is still the same, and opened up the contents to make sure that directory existed, but I couldn't get it to go. I tried opening that file directly, but got a few lines and then "process completed" without any other information. I have it in my applications folder if that changes anything.

okay, please open a terminal in the applications folder, then in the terminal type:



open ./LastManStanding64.app


open LastManStanding64.app



then put the terminal output as a comment.

I got mac

I can't join into the server, i had no problem hosting server, but i can not go in to the server. My network isn't that bad. it even had no problem playing games like lol or overwatch. If there is solution that you know, tell me plz...

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if you are trying to join on the same network as the host (both computers are in the same house), you must use the servers "local" IP, instead of the public IP the server gives you. If you don't know how to find your local IP, tell me your OS (windows, linux, mac, etc...) and I'll guide you through it.

could you help me sir my computer is a windows and litterly couldnt join any game why did i call you a sir

If you have a windows computer you should type in the start menu, "cmd" without quotes, then you need select the first result, lastly you need to type in the box that comes up "ipconfig" without quotes. Your local IP should be to the right of "IPv4 Address." for example ""

and you called me a sir because I am one.

Deleted 2 years ago

We should set up a discord server for this game as a way for people to connect 


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