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I can't join into the server, i had no problem hosting server, but i can not go in to the server. My network isn't that bad. it even had no problem playing games like lol or overwatch. If there is solution that you know, tell me plz...

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if you are trying to join on the same network as the host (both computers are in the same house), you must use the servers "local" IP, instead of the public IP the server gives you. If you don't know how to find your local IP, tell me your OS (windows, linux, mac, etc...) and I'll guide you through it.

could you help me sir my computer is a windows and litterly couldnt join any game why did i call you a sir

We should set up a discord server for this game as a way for people to connect 

not bad

Hey This Game Looks Cool Aand I Am Gonna Send You The LINK TO MY 


Hey This Game Looks Cool Aand I Am Gonna Send You The LINK TO MY 


Can you play with friends on mac when you are on windows or is it only wndows players or only mac players?


anyone wanna play?

yes get back to me

Me :3


How're you supposed to play with friends if you don't have any?

u wanna host?

anyone hosting?

reply as soon as you can man cause i gonna host tell me when ur ready and ill tell you the ip

dude I can play if you're still hosting

I am hosting now plz join


I made part 2 ( you can enjoy it even if you didn't see the first part)


J'ai fait la partie 2 (que vous pouvez l'appreciez meme si vous n'avez pas vu la première partie)

Anyone hosting?
i wish there were actual servers and not only IP joining

im hosting now

Latest online match :)

And here's the first one again:

The game is great! I just wish there were more people playing! Is there any way to include npcs that attack as well to make the game playable without other people?

Anyone want to play me? 

it needs to be more famous

No funciona el online

Online mode doesn´t work :´(

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The game is a ton of fun (I played with two and three peoples for about 5 hours)

If you have friends (or well kept stranger) you should totally play it


Le Jeu est très amusant (J'ai joué avec 2 et 3 personnes pour 5 heures de bonheur)

Si vous avez des amis (ou des inconnu attaché) je vous le recommande

J'ai fait un montage de quelque partis déchainés

J'ai une chaine ou je fais des jeu et quelque jeu indé

it's kind of "Guess Who" standalone


can you put weapons and armors

iam sorry  i canot give you money

same bro, same

it s so cool man i love this game.i want to make a update for it s the best game ever 10000000 stars

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The idea is, frankly, brilliant. It's the best implementation of the turing test I've seen. I've been wanting to make something like this myself. I loved 'Hidden In Plain Sight', a 2d version of the same idea which was available for xbox.

I played it on my mac by myself (sad, I know), but everything looked great, performance wise. Definitely looks like it has a lot of potential!

I can't wait for match-making and friend finding to added! Unfortunately I don't LAN much and it seems difficult to find anyone on here.

If anyone wants to play let me know. I have a little experience with port-forwarding (did it for minecraft back in the day), but still don't fully comprehend it. If anyone has instructions for setting up a non-local connection (general or specific to this game), for god's sake don't keep them to yourself


I'm in

I'll Play. but I don;t want to host

hey developer can you make a bot hider please make a bot

anyone hosting

This is a great concept! You can feel the amount of time you and your buddies will be having fun, just by launching it up and giving it a try.

Don't let this project die <3

Spring Break LAN Party coming up. This will make a great addition! :) Can't wait to try it out.


Very cool game! Could use some improvement but for an early game it's really fun. I hope you are going to continue to work on it.

I've been wanting to play it for awhile but haven't found a group to play it with. I ended up playing it with my daughter for a video and had fun but I think you definitely need 4 or more people for a good game.

I think until there is a way to match with people you could really use a temporary fix to keep interest in the game. What about a free message board or chat somewhere that would allow people to find open games? Down below, iwanPlays refers to a discord chat room made for this game, an official one mentioned in the description would work great.


anyone hosting?

i played it with 3 other friends and it was awesome, the idea is very nice, we had fun for a few hours, some additions are required to add the fun into the game because it gets boring after a while.

we faced a few bugs too, where the game fail to spawn npcs and only spawn players(only happens after joining the 2nd+ game)

sometimes it also kicks everyone from the lobby to the main menu)

After playing 3 times, it doesn't work

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