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I can't connect with my friend. It shows keep connecting message.

I tried with Hamachi, Tunngle and none.

Please let me know how to connect.


I can't walk with WASD. i wanna play the game pls.

Looks a lot like Hidden in plain sight but in 3D... :/

Very very fun!! I like this game most!! Please many update!! always thank you!! :D

For all of you guys struggling to move, you need to set the screen resolution from 640x480 up to 1360x1024 on windowed




i can't walk with WASD

Hi, can you let me know which version you downloaded, and what CPU + GPU (if any) your computer has?

it tells me to download latest version when i just download it?

Hi, if it still happens, can you let me know which version you downloaded?

i have version 0.1.6a

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i can't walk with WASD

Lower graphics settings and try again. I can slowly walk at 640x480. Terribly programmed I guess.

Hi, can you let me know which version you downloaded, and what CPU + GPU (if any) your computer has?


it keeps asking me to download the latest version but I have it. how can I fix this?


What version number does it say at the bottom-right of the window/screen for you?

The latest is 0.1.6a; anything less/different, and you'll need to download the latest version from the page again.

If you've re-downloaded already, let me know which platform you downloaded - I'll double check and re-upload if needed

it says 0.1.5c for x86 but ill try and download again

its now 0.1.6a and works, thank you

when I try to host or join it asks me to download again for the latest version

I'm not sure what would be causing that - it should only be checking the version on startup.

The only thing I could suggest other than deleting/re-downloading again, would be to make sure it's not being blocked by your firewall. If both of these don't work, let me know, and I'll see if I can track down the cause

it needs a lot of work bu after that it would be very fun

this game looks like itll be alot of fun but i cant get my character to walk only turn around. How can i fix this?


it's really fun when you're playing with your friends.

The online doesn't work

I downloaded the Windows x86, and when I try to walk, it stutters and walks very slow.

I have the same problem. I tried changing graphics and resolution, but it didn't fix it.

vrey cool

Hey I just walk in a circle.

I still have the walking bug on Linux 64 bit. Looking up helps, but then you can't what's in front of you.


mine just says that an update is required but i dont know how to update it

My friend cant join can u help?


I have a bug where you can't walk around please help. windows computer


Hello! I would like to contribute to this project! Is there anyway we could work together?


I would also be interested in helping out with this! Any thoughts of making public github repository? Or are you looking for people to collaborate with privately?

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As am I.

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As would I.

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I 'm having a bug that the character don't walks and is very annoying and I can't please arrange the game

Me and my friends have tried to play, but the IP doesen't works... what do we have to do?

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There is still a walk bug! Not on me, but on a friends pc, which is sad, because it impedes us to play.

Hi, I think it should be fixed now! If it still occurs, please let me know.


I have problem in 86x system for my doll does not walk , but in my friends who are in 64x there is this problem .

please help, mine just says that an update is needed but when it takes me to the page, it is just the game page and i dont know how to update it. on a mac

Click the "check for update button" its the second from the bottom

on the right

im having some trouble playing the game I downloaded the linux x64 adn extracted it but all i got was a folder with the game in it but i cant open it

What's the ideia on new levels? maps,characters,what?

The game is very interesting and funny (a little scary too) but only one level will make anyone tired, so please, only one more map would make a big difference, thanks.

"Client Error Timeout".... Any solutions?


Kind of reminds me of the game thief town, and more specifically this video by rooster teeth, dunno why, just kinda reminds me of it.

Late reply, but you absolutely nailed it - first version was made immediately after I saw that episode because of how fun it looked ;)

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Ah, another Rooster Teeth Fan eh? It just looks almost exactly like it, guess that explains why it looks a little like minecraft blocks xD, but it's amazing how you made a game because of that video!

Hey what can I do with ''Client Error Timeout''?

just testing but the problem of the character not walk continues.

I downloaded the game (Windows 64), did everything right when I click play, it opens, most of the error in the folder !!

how tidy it?

you could help me I enter the game with my friends and I can not walk , what do I do ?

Put the resolution "Simple"

you could help me I enter the game with my friends and I can not walk , what do I do ?

my friend is having the same issue hope someone can fix it


Played some with a couple of my friends. It was really fun, simple as it is. I'm interested to see this improve.

How can I find a Server Browser to play with my friends?


There's no server browser at the moment; you'll have to share your IP address with your friends to connect. There's a button at the top of the menu that says 'Hold to show IP', which will show your IP after you click the 'Play and Host' button, which you can give to your friends to connect with.

A server browser is planned, since you can't really safely share your IP with strangers, but I have no idea how long it'll take to make

But when my friends use my IP they receive the message: Cient error: timeout What is happening?

That usually happens either when someone has a firewall blocking the game, or someone's ports are closed. Port Forwarding ('opening' your ports) depends heavily on your router, but you can find useful guides for port forwarding most (if not all) routers at

Firewalls will usually pop up with a warning when the game starts asking if you want to let it connect to the net. If it doesn't, you'll have to manually add it to the 'allowed' list.

I'll try to add some ways to bypass the port problem, since port forwarding is a bit of a hassle, but I don't know how long that'll take.

Link Damaged :l

Just reuploaded them all - should work now!

Can you let me know which version you tried to download, by the way?

still damaged I am using win 64 and 86 and both are damaged WHAT I do? (if English error is why I am using the google translator)

Please make sure LastManStanding.exe and LastManStanding_Data (folder) are in the same location. If you right-click the .zip file, and choose Extract All, it'll put the right files into a folder for you.

Downloading and running it is working for me, so I don't know what could be the problem - maybe try again later, sorry :(

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I downloaded yesterday the game just did not have time to play and now says: (.. The new version is available Please download the latest version to proceed Click below to open the download page)'re normal. I downloaded and says that is damaged

Google translator translates well caralho


I can't dowload the game. The file is damaged.

Hi there, I've reuploaded them all - seems something went wrong in the last upload.

Can you let me know which version you tried, by the way?

how can I host a game ? I tried everything,but appears this "cient error:timeout"

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