Wander through the endless corridors and stairways. Can you find the exit? Is there even a way out? (No.)

Short little experiment in non-euclidean spaces without using shaders (just well-placed teleporters).
Some loops can be broken by turning back, others by walking back.

Made during Ludum Dare 47


Keyboard + Mouse
WASD to Move
Mouse to Look
Left Shift to Sprint
Right Click to Zoom
Escape/P to Pause
F to Toggle Lighting (purely aesthetic, does not affect gameplay)

Left Stick
to Move
Right Stick to Look
Left Bumper to Sprint
Right Bumper to Zoom


Endless Hallways (Windows) 19 MB
Endless Hallways (Source Code) 311 kB


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its hard yet a nice game i actually almost fell a sleep when i was walkin trough the "endless coridor" lol

is there even an exit pls answer