A downloadable game for Windows

"The master of the Shimada Clan has returned!"

Hone your skills as an archer, defend Hanamura shrine from your enemies, and become one with the Dragon.

Play as Hanzo of Overwatch, and utilize his abilities to achieve the highest score. No need for healers or tanks - your bow is all that's needed!

This was a weekend project - there may be bugs.

Notice: This is a non-profit fan-game; please support the official Overwatch game by Blizzard Entertainment.

Install instructions

Download and extract the 'HanzoTraining.exe' file and 'HanzoTraining_Data' folder to your preferred location.

Run HanzoTraining.exe to begin - SteamVR should automatically start (launch SteamVR first if it doesn't)


Hanzo Training 1.1 51 MB

Development log


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